Finding the Right Name

I recently realized that for various reasons Simplex Vita won’t work as the name for my new re-branded blog. It took me SO long to figure out a whole concept for the new blog and a name that would go well with it, to realized that my dyslexia hit and I made a mistake. So for the last few days, I have been beating myself up for not double checking the name of the blog before hitting continue.

I’ve been thinking almost nonstop about either a new name for the blog or a whole new concept. This sucks! I was planning on being far FAR ahead on the whole “starting over” ordeal. Oh Well… I guess making mistakes is part of life and all I have to do is get over it.

Now I’m about to start brainstorming… so bear with me.

In simple words, I want this new blog to not just be about being busy. I don’t want to only find stuff to do and keep a busy mind. And I haven’t been spending my days like that for at least a year now.

So what changed?

I started doing more things that are meaningful and that would make me a more complete person, not just a busy body. I guess I need to focus on my move and empty my mind a bit.

Hello There!

Oh! Hi there!

My name is Camila and it’s great to meet you. I currently run a blog called Keeping Myself Busy. But my life has changed a bunch – meaning I have changed a bunch – since I first started blogging, so I realized I needed to change things over here.

At the moment Simplex Vita is a concept in my head, which seems to make sense at the moment. If you are patient enough to see where I’m going with this, click on the follow button, or subscribe by email.

See you just now!

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